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World-Renowned Expert on Change, Resilience, Leadership & Learning

Passionate about people; about communication, empowerment & impact.

Exclusive in Australia, New Zealand and the United States

The world needs to learn profound lessons from COVID-19; how we develop more proactive cultures, professionally and personally, how we build resilience, the ability to self-lead, to control change and to ensure a sense of proactive rather than reactive action. Richard Gerver has been at the forefront of this thinking for nearly twenty years. His expertise and lived experiences have never been more resonant.

Richard, author of the number one bestsellers, Change: Learn to Love It, Learn to Lead It, and Simple Thinking: How to Remove the Complexity from Work & Life, offers a groundbreaking look into how the world is dealing with the challenge of unleashing human potential and embracing and leading change in the most uncertain of times.

Richard, a former globally renowned and life-changing school principal, has taken innovation by storm. Over the last two decades, he has transitioned his global reputation for leadership in education and is now regarded as one of the most original and authentic thinkers around human leadership and organisational transformation in the world. He has been named UK Business Speaker of the Year three times.

Current Work:

Richard now works with organisations at the forefront of global innovation and excellence including Microsoft, Deloitte, Google, TUI and Morgan Stanley, Visa, Puig, Telefonica and Technicolor. He has also worked with some of the world's most iconic retail organisations including Harrods in London. His unique experience and insight into realising human potential also find him working in elite sport; with Olympic and Paralympic coaches, EPL Soccer coaches, England Golf and professional cricket teams. He has served as a Board member on everything from billion-dollar businesses to startups, not for profits and Universities.

He has worked with the world’s most influential people including former US President Barack Obama, The Dalai Lama, Prince Charles and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Richard has developed and delivered two of the most popular LinkedIn Learning courses in the world, covering overcoming complexity and mental toughness.

Richard’s unique insight into our development from infants to adults helps us to understand the nature of our personal and professional responses to risk, change, creativity and development. His ability to connect experiences across many often, seemingly different environments, helps people to expand their thinking and their own perception of their potential.

With trademark humour and insight, Richard shares his experience on cultural and organisational transformation, human development, and management with groups around the world. Thanks to his own story and first-hand experiences, Richard is often described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation.

Talking Points

Organisational Change & Resilience

Why does change feel so exhausting and why do we resist it? How can we nurture and develop an organisational culture which embraces change and encourages collaboration? In this session, Richard examines why change has become increasingly challenging and how risk aversion can stifle individuals and organisations. He explores how to harness the power of creativity, curiosity and confidence in uncertain times and why we must shift the paradigm to understand that change is not a program or a strategy but an ever-present organic part of the 21st Century.

Who this is for: All senior leaders, middle managers and especially those with responsibility for HR and Professional development.
3 Key Takeaways:
- How to build resilience, even in the highest performing teams and people.
- How to develop a culture of proactive activity even under intense pressure.
- What transformational leadership looks like and how to really deploy it.

Leading & Developing High-Performing Teams with Mental Toughness

First developed in the 1980s to help elite athletes perform better under pressure and duress by developing high levels of belief and focus. Richard shares the insights and strategies he has learned, developed and applied, working across a wide range of contexts, to help organisations grow a culture of mental toughness in staff and teams so that they can collaborate better to contextualize, plan and overcome challenges both current and future.

Who this is for: All senior leaders, middle managers and especially those emergent leaders in your organization.

Key Takeaways:
- How to use failure to build confidence.
- Strategies to reframe challenges and manage perspective
- How to foster a culture of active problem solving

Simple Thinking: Demystifying purpose, success and high performance

Richard brings his pragmatic, insightful and people-centric approach to success; what it is and how we can achieve it. He offers strategies that will lead to success and the tools individuals need to succeed both individually and as part of an organisation. Based on the research in his book, Simple Thinking, Richard will share with participants the mindsets, behaviours and attributes needed to aim higher and achieve more.

Who is this for: All senior leaders, middle managers and especially those with responsibility for HR and Professional development.

Key Takeaways:
- An understanding of why we seek complexity and how we can overcome it.
- The importance of confidence and how to develop it.
- Why collaboration matters and how to develop a meaningful culture to promote it.
This man is a genius. An excellent new way of thinking. Very thought provoking, an oppurtunity to challenge the status quo. Harrods

Richard was very thought provoking and left people really thinking.


Through his natural charm, passion for education and profound insight, he managed to inspire our audience to new levels of excitement and commitment.

UNOi Mexico

Richard Gerver was thoughtful, energetic and entertaining. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Executive Programs SunGard Higher Education

Richard Gerver was amazing! He was exactly as you described him to be and oh so much more! Richard was right there with in tune to what our members needed to hear, and oh so articulate and engaging. Now we want him back! Thank you for recommending him.

Alaska Society for Technology

Richard Gerver is one of the clearest and most passionate voices for radical change both in education and in business. As a highly successful and revolutionary school principal he has transformed the expectations and achievements of children, teachers and communities alike. In his compelling presentations and books he now takes his powerful message of hope and possibility to educators, policy makers and business leaders around the world. It's a message that has to be heard.

Sir Ken Robinson

Richard was the keynote speaker at our annual conference and he was truly outstanding. His message was clear, he delivered with impact and authenticity, and most importantly, he made every single word relevant to our organisation and the change we are going through. He took time to connect with as many of our people as possible and he seemed to genuinely enjoy being part of our event. 10/10.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Pty Ltd
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