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Record Breaker, History Maker & Founder of Awake Academy

Many people will tell you that you can’t. What you must do is turn around and say Watch me!

Layne Beachley is regarded as the most successful female surfer in history.

Her dedication to success sees her as the only surfer, male or female, to claim six consecutive world titles between 1998 and 2003. Layne went on to win a 7th world title in 2006 before retiring from the World Tour in 2008.

Current Work:
Her genuine leadership style blazed a trail for equality at the beach, on the waves and in the boardroom. She shares her stories and powerful authentic voice in the recently released documentary Girls Can't Surf, highlighting the chauvinistic and sexist culture of the surfing world in the 80’s and 90’s and how she was able to overcome these challenges to influence and celebrate pay equity in 2018.

Not only has she conquered the world of surfing, but also mentored the Australian Olympic team at the London Olympic Games, holds 3 Guinness Book of World Records, is Chair of Surfing Australia and holds an Officer of the Order of Australia.

Her new venture Awake Academy, is a centre for self-empowerment, designed to help people detach from fear, take control and design a life they love. 40 years of life lessons from a World Champion, distilled into a self-paced 7 round on-line course, empowering people to find their edge and fulfil their potential.

She has overcome two bouts of chronic fatigue, depression, life threatening injuries, self-sabotage and self-doubt. No-one sees the struggle, they just see the outcome and think it was easy. Layne firmly believes our fears and limitations are a hot spot for growth and opportunity.

A highly sought-after motivational keynote speaker, mentor and facilitator, Layne specialises in awakening and aligning people with their truth as a self-proclaimed Honesty Barometer. She has endured her fair share of challenges, failures and trauma, and attributes these to the character she is today; resilient, compassionate, honest and fun.

She loves Rosé, surfs every day and her biggest weakness are hot chips.

Talking Points


Wanting to achieve success and actually believing in it are two totally different mindsets. We don’t manifest what we want, we manifest what we believe. If you want to know what you believe, just have a look at your life. Are you fulfilled or are you in fear?
This thought provoking and practical presentation will provide your audience with the opportunity to identify and shatter self-imposed limiting beliefs, reframe challenges, be authentic and overcome negative thinking to become the champions of their lives.

Key takeaways:

• Build boundaries not barriers
• Are your thoughts supporting or sabotaging you?
• Flip negative thoughts as they appear


Wanting success and actually achieving success are two very different things. Why do some people achieve greatness while others are left with the disappointment of unfulfilled potential? Layne shares her 3-step model for sustained success with anecdotes from lived experience, which will inspire your audience to clearly define their vision of success, find their honesty barometers and have them on the edge of their seats riding 50-foot waves. Are you ready to confront your fears?
Key takeaways:
1. Clarify their vision
2. Build and fortify their dream team
3. Define their daily actions to ensure accountability and boost intrinsic motivation.


Your life isn’t defined by what happens to you, you define your life by how you choose to respond. We can only move forward from the truth so we need to start paying attention to what we pay attention to. Layne taps into her tool kit of psychology and personal experience to awaken the senses, boost energy, create clarity and shatter self-limiting beliefs.
To adopt a winning mindset, we must detach from fear and our default settings. Deeply personal and powerful, this presentation is interactive, inspiring and informative in equal measure.
Key takeaways:
· Awaken the senses and boost your energy
· Reframe challenges and Simplify the process
· Shatter self-limiting beliefs


We are all permanently biased, and for good reason! Biases help us filter information, add meaning to it, act fast in the face of uncertainty and anchor memories. Unfortunately, this also results in flawed conclusions, disconnection, judgement and assumptions. In this presentation, Layne shares her 3 personal experiences with bias that hold us all back, the challenges involved and solutions to overcome them.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding and reframing generational thinking
Gender Inequality
Respectfully calling out inappropriate behaviour


The challenging events of the last couple of years have tested our resolve and our resilience. Faced with uncertainty, lack of clarity and constant change, there’s a good chance you are feeling tired, anxious, overwhelmed or even a little lost.

Resilient Mindset Masterclass is a 60min, practical and interactive session designed to help you connect with your heart and win the day, every day! The science backed exercise will help you to:

Detach from fear
Silence negativity
Create calm in the chaos
Establish a positive perspective on life
Ground yourself in gratitude
Connect with joy
Learn Layne’s 5 step self-care plan to win the morning.

Expect to be challenged, inspired and enlightened by Layne’s tips and tools that enabled her to become a 7-time world champion surfer and, today, a champion of mental wellness.
Layne was fantastic. She spoke well and her story was shared with great passion and humour which was well received by our clients. The feedback has been fantastic with many saying she is the best speaker we have had to date. The auction of her surfboard and her book signing afterwards was a huge success. Layne was great to work with and interacted extremely well with our client. She was perfect for our Client Breakfast! CitiPower and Powercor Australia

Layne was fantastic! Her story and the way she presented it ensured there was something for everyone in it. We also appreciated the generosity of time and graciousness she showed with our attendees for the many photos that were requested. We would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Waples Marketing Group Pty Ltd

Layne was amazing. Very engaging and our staff were captivated with what she had to say. The presentation was perfectly pitched towards our high achieving staff with all key messages covered off. Layne also was able to engage with our staff on a more personal level with her stories and this had a huge impact on the group. Layne attended our dinner and spent the evening mixing with our staff which was fantastic.


Layne was a standout speaker, attendee and VIP at our 2018 conference in Noosa. Layne coached some of our VIP delegates and sponsors for a once in a lifetime surfing lesson and the feedback was incredible. She also attended many of our conference sessions too which was great to see and signed books for our excited delegates at a major sponsor’s stand, a wonderful touch and very much appreciated. Her keynote was exceptional. Emotive, considered and inspiring in equal measure. I cannot rate her highly enough.

Recruitment & Consulting Services Association

Layne’s presentation was excellent - combining entertaining anecdotes from her journey to becoming a world champion, relatable personal challenges and a professional approach to achieving individual & team goals. The audience was engaged from start to finish, and I’m confident there will be a lasting impact from Layne’s message. Layne was also very generous with her time, and was more than happy to have a chat and pose for some photos with staff.

American Express International

I loved Layne's energy and passion. She was really engaging and made me feel excited and interested in the discussion. She also made me feel involved in the conversation, even though I was online and not in the same room. Layne helped me to realise that while work/leadership can be stressful & my monkey mind goes crazy, it's super important to take the time to centre myself and bring my mind back to the present and focus on what is important now.

Women & Leadership Australia
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