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Collaboration, Connection and Influential Leadership.

Hons Bsc

Speaking is a gift. It's about being attention out always and serving the audience and the client to unlock, inspire and create a change in thinking.

Janine is a global thought leader on powerful networking, collaboration and unleashing leadership brilliance. She is passionate about building high performing leaders and teams and bringing brilliant people together to achieve remarkable results.

Janine spent 20 years working her way across the world putting together award-winning marketing campaigns and strategies for high-profile brands like Ralph Lauren, Oroton, Jaeger, Sainsbury’s Homebase and Citizen Watches. It was whilst working as a senior leader that she learnt about the power of connection and what it takes to unlock the brilliance in teams and leaders.

Current Work:

A highly sought-after keynote speaker, educator and author, Janine has worked with thousands of high-profile leaders from around the world and helped countless of Australia’s top 50 ASX companies and multinationals - EY, CBRE, DXC Technology, Hewlett Packard, Microfocus, Optus and CBA to name a few.

She is the best-selling author of It’s Who You Know - How a network of 12 key people can fast-track your success and From Me To We - why commercial collaboration will future proof business, leaders and personal success.

Janine believes that today, more than ever we need people, teams and companies willing to put in the extra needed to be truly brilliant. That we need leaders who are connected to their purpose and who will drive change. We need individuals brilliant enough to lead both in today’s complex environment and into tomorrow’s unknowns.

This requires collaboration, transformation and leverage and it demands better conversations, training and connection.

Janine believes everyone has brilliance within waiting to be unleashed. This is what being really remarkable is. This is the power that you have to be your brilliant self, to make the remarkable happen and this is why she does the work that she does.

Previous Experience:

Education: Janine holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Aston University, UK and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the same university in 2016. She is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School in The Art and Practice of Leadership, a partner at Thought Leaders Global and has won a International Stevie Award in recognition of her work. On top of this Janine is super proud to have completed two Tough Mudders and one Spartan race and enjoys the hardest challenge of all - raising 3 teenage children.

Media: When not on TV or radio, Janine’s thoughts and insights are regularly published in the media at The Huffington Post, CEO Magazine, Success Magazine, BRW, Women’s Agenda, AIM and The Australian. She also is the host of her own podcast, Unleashing Brilliance, featuring the untold stories of individual success from people around the world.

Talking Points

It's Who You Know - How to network & connect for success

We’ve all been told, ‘you really have to network’ if you want to build success.

And yet, most of us really HATE the term networking, let alone going out there and doing it.

Networking has become a superficial numbers game, a transactional swapping of business cards, names and virtual ‘likes’ or ‘connects’ online. Of bland ‘order taking’ with no real depth, relationship building, or long-term result.

In this digitally connected world, we seem to be more disconnected than ever. But, here’s the thing - strategic networking, intentional connection and knowing how to build the right personal and professional network is extraordinarily powerful and creates real leverage.

It is part of the winning formula that separates those that succeed and those that do not.

In this keynote Janine will:
- Challenge the traditional approach to networking
- Argue the need to relearn how to connect as human beings
- Share a proven framework to network building in person and in the virtual world.
- Inspire your teams to become more intentional about how they network and connect.

Collaboration - Unlocking Team Success

The business landscape in which we are all operating is changing at an incredibly fast pace.

The future of work, of what we are doing and how is ever evolving.

The result? The organisations in which we are having to ideate and innovate, manage and lead, think and deliver, are becoming increasingly complex.

Here’s the real challenge - that ‘Me’ space we’ve lived in for so long isn’t enough anymore.

To succeed on a long-term, sustainable basis, we need to engage and innovate, work together, to make things happen. We cannot move quickly enough alone. We must move quickly together, as collective intelligence.
Together, we work faster and smarter. This new collaborative way of working is key. Moving from Me to We is essential for ideation, creation, innovation and influence.

You will leave this keynote feeling more than just motivated or convinced you need to work together. You will leave with an understanding of how to influence more, collaborate better and drive impact to ensure present and future relevance.

Empower Change - Diversity Matters

Sure the workplace is changing, but it is still not a place of equality.

Unless we all collaborate and work together unless we break down the current barriers to diversity, the lack of
female leaders now will drastically affect the pipeline of female leadership for tomorrow.

There will be no funnelling of talent, no monitoring or active sponsoring of younger women- because the senior female leaders simply won’t be there to see these things put in place.
The increasing influence of women is challenging us all to adapt and realign ourselves to the needs of a new society. Engaging women in the workplace, especially at the leadership level, is an essential part of the new collaborative economy.

In this impactful and insightful keynote Janine will:
- Challenge you, your female leaders and rising stars to do more
- Share how we are all responsible for change today and tomorrow
- Explore how we can change ourselves and the next generation to come; how we can change the world now
and together create a more balanced world.

Leadership Lessons - My Journey of Reinvention and the Lessons Learnt

Janine has often been called the Queen of Reinvention.

Born in the North of England in a traditional male household, Janine was the first in her family to break the
mold and leave home at 18 to go to university. After university, she started a corporate career in London, rose through the ranks and then decided at the age of 30 to pack everything in to move to Australia with only a
backpack. The career rebuild began and over the next 10 years, Janine built a successful corporate marketing
career putting together award-winning marketing campaigns and strategies for high-profile brands like Ralph Lauren, Oroton, and Citizen Watches.

At the age of 40, Janine decided to start all over again, leaving the corporate world behind to begin her entrepreneurial venture.

And she’s done it again, selling her business in March 2019 to focus on writing, training and speaking.

As she says, “throughout my career, there have been two constants - the packing and repacking of my backpack and me”.

This keynote is jammed with Janine’s personal stories of success and failure as a businessperson, mother and
woman as she shares her leadership lessons that everyone can apply to their own life and work.

Be Brilliant - Why connecting to your true potential is the game changer

Brilliance is a choice.
Brilliance is a practice.
Brilliance is a discipline.

In your teams exist the ideas and innovations you’re searching for to drive the change that’s needed.

And in your business lies the brilliance that will set you apart from the competition, that will give you the edge, that will guarantee your next growth plan.

But here’s the thing. Brilliance does not magically appear. At a time when stress levels, comparison-it is and self doubt are all on the rise, unleashing inner brilliance requires us to get out of our own way to unlock our true potential.

In this new world we’re all learning to live in - what choice do we really have but to become the best version of ourselves that we can.

In this keynote Janine will:
- Share the barriers to our brilliance
- Inspire ownership and resetting of boundaries
- Share the 4 Laws of Brilliance - the framework that Janine codified in her book, Be Brilliant, following 3 years of research and interviews
- Motivate individuals and teams to lean in and be part of the change that is needed.
Janine Garner is the most inspirational speaker I have experienced in over 20 plus years of attending conferences and seminars. A Keynote Speaker for the AdNews Live Leadership Conference in October 2018 , Janine simply lights up the room like no one I have seen before. Knowing your subject is one thing, understanding your audience with such in-depth knowledge and insight is the key to her unrivalled engagement with the audience. This knowledge combined with her unrivalled sense of energy and purpose make her best in class in my view. AdNews founded in 1928 is Australia's leading trade media brand for the communications sector, owned by Yaffa Media Group. YAFFA MEDIA GROUP

Janine was the keynote speaker for our AdNews Live: Lessons I Leadership event and she absolutely dazzled the room! Incisive, thought-provoking, original and engaging...I'm now trying to find other ways to involve Janine in events for our company. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

AdNews Australia

Janine is a truly inspirational woman! Not only is she a thoroughly engaging, enthusiastic and entertaining speaker but, what she had to say was thought provoking and motivational. People have not stopped talking about her visit and I can’t wait until we can invite her back again!

BPay Australia

Janine ran a breakfast event for AccountAbility employees and our clients recently where she shared ideas on how to network for growth both professionally and personally. The session was awe-inspiring and thought-provoking. Janine is one of those rare people who changes perspectives instantly. She fills the room with inspiration and if I could buy her energy and passion by the bottle... I would order a truckload!

BlueFin Resources

Janine provided a fantastic, engaging and thought-provoking keynote address at our recent national conference. Whilst we all believe we are effective in networking and collaborating Janine shared insights on how to truly be effective and successful by focusing on one’s network through a simple yet powerful approach.

Liberty Network Services

If you are looking for someone to blow your audience away then look no further. Janine had our attendees totally captivated for every second of her 50 minute online presentation. Her energy and brilliance left us all wanting more but with some fantastic take homes to put in place to step into our own brilliance immediately. I would happily recommend Janine for any online speaking engagement - we all left energised and feeling positive in these crazy times - seriously impressed!

Collective - Inspiring Women in Business

We have recently had Janine present to our Collective - Inspiring Women in Business group around Being Brilliant. Wow was she fantastic. So engaging and inspiring and all virtually as well. I have so much admiration for anyone that can keep people engaged via a zoom presentation even for a few minutes and Janine did it for more than a hour with our group and we were all wanting more. Thanks Janine. Because of you, we received the most amazing feedback from our group members and people are still talking about your session more than a week later.

MAS National

Janine had such an amazing energy when she arrived and whilst on stage. You could tell she loves what she does and believes in what she says. Our clients loved the tangible takeaways they walked away with.

Kerwin Rae
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