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Expert in Digital Communications & Online Presence

Recognise your goals and figure out how technology can help you achieve them.

Danielle Di-Masi is a multiple award-winning international keynote speaker, author and University lecturer that shows her audiences how to make their best impact online in this very noisy and transactional lead business landscape. Danielle has worked with the likes of Google, 3M, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, American Express, Uber, Mastercard, Cisco, Microsoft, Zendesk and Federal Governments. She has also been featured in Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, LA Times, GQ, Psychology Today, Business Insider and for many years was the resident expert on tech, business and social behaviours for TV network Channel Ten, with her own segment on national television each week.

Current Work:

Danielle concentrates on our digital presence and shows how anyone can make just as good impression online as we do face-to-face. In this current world, sometimes we never meet the people we know and work with in person, so we need to learn to be just as effective on and offline. Danielle specialises in digital communications and marketing, focusing on the psychology and fascinating sciences behind how we truly connect and build relationships in this modern world; regardless of the platform online. She is constantly educating on how technology and our human behaviour interacts and inspires by focusing on how we can make the digital world work for us in business, in life, in relationships - with others and ourselves. Danielle shares how we all have our own important brand for the world to know about, so she teaches all about why their online presence matters and how to ensure that everyone coming across them digitally sees and understands who they are. This is particularly important in this current business climate in which trust and impact are vital.

Danielle is an international keynote speaker and emcee, popular media commentator, book author and writer for The Huffington Post. She is also a University Lecturer at the University of NSW teaching on communication and marketing strategy and business brand, both at a firm and individual level.

Previous Experience:

Previously, Danielle spent over 14 years of her career in finance and investment banking; however, as the world turned increasingly digital Danielle focused her career on education and sharing her message across the globe to helping others.

Along with completing an MBA, Danielle has won the International Business Award for the 2020 ‘Most Innovative Communications Professional of the Year’, this is the fourth year she has won this award. In previous years, Danielle also won the international awards for ‘Most Innovative Woman in Marketing’ and ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year’ and the Stevie award winner of ‘Woman of the Year’ - These are all for her work globally in business, education and technology.

Most Innovative Communications Professional of the Year 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016
Most Innovative Woman of the Year in Marketing 2017
Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2015
Innovator of the Year 2015
Woman of the Year 2014
Global Business Blogger & a Guinness World Record 2013

Talking Points

Communicate through the noise and connect

This is the human answer to your tech

Influence, connect and grow online

Build your business or team by understanding why you do what you do and how to align it with your customer needs.

Get what you want!

And then how to use tech to get you there

Tailored Speeches

In 2015 Danielle Di-Masi had a meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in which they discussed how we as a society continue to grow relationships and communities while we are connecting so often online and through technology - The answer was to not focus on the functions of technology and as the Dalai Lama stated to Danielle “this is a human problem that needs a human answer.”

As we are surrounded constantly by both the good and bad sides of technology and we seek to discover the answer to this human problem we are currently faced with and how we can authentically foster genuine human experiences and build business relationships online, now and for the future.

Although we live in the most innovative era it is also the most dynamic and distracting - so this session is about cutting through all the “noise” online and ensure we have the most sophisticated digital communications strategy, this is to create a digital experience for your customer, community and network that is as engaging as being face to face, no matter where they are in the world. We will look at how we can protect who we are and our reputation in a world where there are so many violations of our privacy and untrustworthy content.

So whether you are online communicating on behalf of yourself as a professional or on behalf on a business this session is about real relationships, a progressive future-proof customer experience and using your technology to bring your people together.

This topic can be specifically tailor towards:
Women and diversity - Sales teams - Corporate - Students and youth - Start-ups, small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs - Franchise and network groups - Panels and facilitation

Danielle as your Emcee

Danielle is a popular and engaging emcee where she brings experience, business and digital expertise and humour to your event’s agenda. For over a decade she has hosted and been emcee at events and conferences across Australia, India, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore and USA.

Whatever industry, size and purpose of the event Danielle loves to bring her engaging personality to the stage not only to guide the audience through the schedule but to be there with insight, expertise, to help reinforce and contextualise crucial content and set the tone, pace and flow and to keep the inspiration and energy sky high in the room.

She seeks to emulate the feel, language and experience of the brand - so much so that after every single event Danielle has hosted audience members have thought she works within the company she is on stage representing - this alignment is central to her success in being an invited returning emcee year after year. Danielle understands at events being prepped, professional, always on standby, flexible and personable are all a must - her main goal is to simply be a great asset to the event.

Danielle has worked as an emcee for Cisco Live, Twitter, Business Chicks, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Schneider Electric, across a manifold of University and alum events, State and Federal Governments and many other network group events and corporate conferences internationally.

Summary of Topics

Danielle is a multiple award-winning digital business expert and futurist with an MBA, her main focus is her work as an international keynote speaker and ensuring her sessions are not only the most up-to-date content and cutting-edge insights but also are dynamic, entertaining and actionable.Although Danielle is a University Lecturer she never gives a “lecture” as she always works with the event organiser to customise and create the best experience for the attendees - she does this by first seeking to understand who the audience is, what their needs and goals are, their obstacles and sticky points to ensure her interactive session is actually a game-changing moment.

Why Choose Danielle Di-Masi?

  • Danielle is a leading voice in helping our communities (business and social) adapt to all the rapid changes that technology, innovation and digital have thrown our way and shines a bright light on how these changes will enable us to enjoy an incredible future.
  • With all of her corporate clients (which include Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, AMEX and QANTAS), she has worked with their leaders and teams on the new generation of service, engagement and accountability through this time of constantly changing and dynamic shifts in industry.
  • Danielle was awarded the International Business Award ‘Most Innovative Communications Professional of the Year’ in 2019.
Danielle is an absolute delight. She's one of those rare speakers that is passionate about her work-before, during, and after your event. She comes to every pre-meeting prepared with ideas and does not shy away from customization. And on event day? She's high-energy, full of fascinating anecdotes, and connects to the audience in a natural and compelling way. (And she gives great advice that we all need to hear!) We loved having Danielle keynote and would welcome her back for any customer audience. Zendesk

Danielle Di-Masi spoke recently at our annual Marketing Day / Ideas Exchange. Danielle’s presentation and attendee interaction were interesting, informative and perfectly delivered. Danielle demonstrated, through her presentation, how to achieve impactful digital communications strategy in a way that was easily translatable no matter what level of digital marketing you are currently using in your business. Her entertaining stories captured the interest of our attendees and in fact caused many to comment on how valuable her presentation was. Danielle’s message of understanding your audience for the most effective communication was inspiring and provided a valuable message to our group.

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Courtney Timm

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Let's talk, enquire with Courtney now

Courtney Timm

VP - Talent & Partner Relations

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